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About Us


Please allow us to introduce you to our business project called Afmak.com. It is an innovative e-commerce website written by web solutions Ltd. It specialises in assisting indigenous African companies to make their products and services accessible online with the requisite world class branding and packaging.

Afmak.com is a user friendly platform that allows vendors to put their products and services online easily and gives them access to a web page dedicated to their business. It also allows vendors to link their social media accounts to their Afmak.com webpage.

An advertisement on Afmak.com is affordable and guaranteed to reach thousands of visitors to the site.

Customers will also find it easy to buy and pay for products and services online easily and without hassle.

We invite you as a vendor, advertiser or customer to join Afmak and let us work together to promote Africa to the world.

Afmak four main core areas of concern are, the Manufacturing sector, indigenously made African products and services, small scale businesses and finally agricultural sector

This is officially our main point of focus

The project Afamk has a singular opportunity to employ millions of Ghanaian youth in a meaningful employment sectors as affiliated marketing agents, delivery department across the country, Administrative personals and many many offices 

For any  other further information 

Contact us  on our whatsapp number: +233 208 266 322