Afmak (African Market)

 Afmak (African Market) which is an e commerce open market to help curb the many challenges African manufacturers are facing. 

One of the well naturally resourced continent in the world is Africa, from oil to cocoa, human resource to rivers, to forest reserve, just to mention a few ,yet finds it strenuous to market its products and services to its own indigence let alone other continents. Largely because, some African countries have refused to fully utilise their dexterity, vocation and talents efficiently to the extent of finishing their products well enough to match international standards which greatly affects pricing and quality of their products and services in the world market. Moreover African–made products lack quality final touch, the platform to promote their products and services, ideas to improve upon their products and have poor technical know how in marketing their products and services.

For is the reason, Web Solutions Limited a software engineering company have designed an approach called Afmak(African Market) which is an e commerce open market to help curb the many challenges African manufacturers are facing. The internet is the easiest and fastest way of advertising, showcasing, selling, buying, informing and educating people about products and services across the world currently. Hence “Afmak” is bringing to one platform, all Africa manufacturers, and service providers as well as cooperate bodies of African origin to be conspicuously showcased, promoted, marketed, sold and purchased through assisting them to brand and manufacture their products and services to meet international standards. Afmak’s diversity of products and services and internet makes it the best platform for every manufacturer and service provider in Africa to subscribe to. Afmak soon looks to be the first point of contact for online shopping for African-made products and services in Ghana, Africa and the world at large.


With your assistance “Afmak” will address several challenges in the Africa market, some of which are:

**Inadequate skills

*Poor packaging and Branding

*Informing prospective customers about their product

*Inability to trade online

*Stress and difficulty in marketing made-In-Africa products and services

*Lack of exposure

During the early development of the web, there was a list of web services edited by Tim Bernes –Lee and hosted on the CERN webserver. Onhistorical snapshot from 1992 remains as more web servers went online the central list could not keep up. On the NCSA site new serves were announced under the title “What’s new”!

The very first tool used for searching on the internet was Archie. The name stands for “archive” without the “v” .It was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J. Peter Deutsch, computer science students at a McGill University in Montreal .The program downloaded the directory listings of all the files located on public anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites, creating a searchable database of file names: however Archie did not index the contents of these sites since the amount of data was so limited it could be readily searched manually. Approximately 100,000 people from the length and breadth of the globe visits the website per minute giving us the advantage above others .By our research there are thousands of Africans and non -Africans who wants convenient means to buy and be informed about Africa but unfortunately don’t get ,as such has to travel all the way down at high cost because of the distance and accessibility,. But with this new innovation “Afmak” just at the click of a button one stands to have free access to everything Africa stands for and convincingly makes orders for products and services of their choice. Web Solutions ltd is making it possible for a manufacturer in Sefwi Wiawso to sell his products to somebody as far as U.S, Portugal, China, Zambia, and Tumu among others at ease.


A. Color and theme; Appealing to the eye and classic theme pictures is what the interface of the site will be built with having in mind of the different generations and genders that will be viewing the site we also put in place the psychology of the left brain right brain views.

B. User friendliness; key to every site is this particular point user friendliness, though AFMAK has a lot to offer because of our user, we are anticipating, we have decided to use very few drop down menu but instead user subpages menus so that the is option or menu our users might skip or find it difficult to find.

C. Sign up; the site is opened to everyone all over the world to join but that will be after the site has been successfully piloted in Ghana, it will then be opened up to the West African region and from there to Africa and the rest of the World for a hopeful heave of traffic and wage.

D. Vendor’s subscription; all manufactures and service providers in Africa finally have the chance to joyfully display what they have for the whole world to see at very moderate fee. Starting at GHc 5.00 per month and our subscriptions minimum period is three months and maximum is 12 months. Its breakdown is as follows:

F. Product charges; charges on products would be grouped into furniture, cosmetics, stationery, clothing or fashion, entertainment, culture, arts & painting, jewellery, food and drinks, housing and architecture, manufacturing, creativity & innovations, articles and news. This is the form it will take, we have;

Site affiliates; the idea here is to get foreigners especially not from Africa to be agent of the site in their various countries all transactions between the site and people from the country who want to purchase from the site will be via them. Kind of acting as distributed points and our personnel’s in these various countries. For example, a Japanese who is registered with the site as an agent who handle transactions in Japan on the site.

Distributors; we intend having distributors all over the world. Anyone can become a distributor of the site by spending little as an hour a day just informing people about the site and earning a commission on every referrer purchase done through his or her referrer. Our distributors will be given unique I.D Numbers they will use. To be a distributor is strictly a part time job but those who find it very rewarding are free to find or get people to subscribe to the site.

MARKETING: Currently “Afmak” intends outsourcing its marketing to marketing companies that have a track record of signing up clients effectively in the shortest possible time on commission basis of 20%.However “Afmak” relationship team officers will take over signed up clients from these marketing companies ,such that the relationship officer will focus solely on their respective clients by accessing their product quality , monitoring product movement, monitoring service request, advising clients on competitive products outside Africa and what they ought to do to improve upon theirs and what clients can do to maximize profit while they minimize their cost. The relationship officers ensure purchased products are safely transported to Afmak’s office for further packaging and delivery arrangements.

Afmak” is coming out with its own Africa shopping mall in each and every Africa country to promote its products. The mall will be stocked with products from its prospective clients to be displayed and sold.

ADVERTISEMENT: The advertising faction of the website has been made so flexible such that anyone can afford to access. With a catchy Top banner, Right top, Right side advert, Button Adverts all at various affordable prices. The website is also to be integrated into, and as soon as it launches.

MODE OF PAYMENT: “Afmak” currently has the most convenient and easiest mode of payment system as far as e-commerce. Customers can use all the existing and widely known domestic and international modules of payment such as Visa card, master card, I wallet, PayPal and Mtn, Airtel and Tigo mobile money on the website which has been integrated into a mother account at a native bank (GT Bank) such that the moment payment is made “Afmak” will be notified instantly with accurate details in other for delivery to be made in the earliest possible moment.

MODE OF DELIVERY: “Afmak” takes the responsibility of delivering purchased products and services on the site to the consumer irrespective of destination at a considerably low charge. An insurance policy (goods in transit) is purchased for the goods until consumer receives it in its perfect shape.


With the current foreign nationals inflow into Africa at 50.17million their reasons for the visit are tourism ,trade and investment ,development related issues ,educational research and projects among others, ”Afmak” will measure its achievement in relation to foreign nationals inflow in Africa from ……………. To ……………………..Annual survey and research will be implemented to know the reality on the ground.


Web Solution ltd is scheduled to launch its maiden project “Afmak” on the 30th March 2013 at the Ghana Arts Center Accra. Afmak has staff strength of 10 and expecting to recruit an extra 100 by the 20th march 2013 consisting of relationship officers, I.T experts, Administration assistants, drivers among others.


Web solutions ltd.’s past successes in the website design, marketing and promoting of individual and cooperate bodies coupled with its well experienced personnel makes the platform a more confident entity trusted to deliver as promised


The vision of Afmak is to be the best e-commerce platform for African products and services, accessible to the rest of the world.


  • To assemble a team of experts in all business fields to handle any challenges Afmak stand to encounter in its operation, as well as to bring out and execute innovative business concepts.

  • To help upgrade African products and services in branding and packaging to suit standards of the international market.

  • To reach out to as many African manufacturers (small scale to industrial scale) as possible.

  • To readily make available African products and services to consumers wherever they are in the world.


This is a single platform where everything made from indigenous Africa is promoted and sold. Many at times, Africans don’t finish the packaging of their products and so are not able to sell them internationally. AFMAK intends helping these manufacturers in branding and packaging to meet international standards after which these products are promoted and sold on the website. The other side of the coin is that, AFMAK intends having foreigners being affiliate distributors of the site to do the distribution of the products in their various countries, towns and cities.


This project is to create a platform for Africans to confidently display and promote the goods and services they offer in its finished and well standardised and packaged form, where all made in African products can be found and purchased(in the African market). Apparently, this had been the heartfelt project of the C.E.O. of Web Solutions Limited, soon to be the leading software engineering company in Africa and the world at large. This is due to the fact that some Africans have refused to fully utilise their dexterity, vocation and talents seriously to the extent of finishing their product well enough to tally with international standards but rather give room for others to do that, which affects the pricing of their products and services. Therefore, Web Solutions through AFMAK project is ready to mop up that entire problem, restore confidence and put smiles on the faces of Africans and also give them the platform to trade their goods freely and fairly with fellow Africans and the world.

Finally Africa will have a platform to make a statement in full confidence of its highly international rated products and services at reasonable prices and quality available to its indigence and the world at large. It is the greatest desire of the C.E.O to partner everyone interested in ensuring the success of the project so as to uplift our mother continent by means of promoting, showcasing, selling, buying, and educating and informing the world about what it has to the world.