This project is to create aplatform for Africans to confidentlydisplay and promotethe goods and services they offer in its finished and wellstandardized and packaged form, where all made in African productscan be found and purchased(in the African market). Apparently, thishad been the heartfelt project of the C.E.O. of Web SolutionsLimited, soon to be the leading software engineering company inAfrica and the world at large. This is due to the fact that someAfricans have refused to fully utilize their dexterity, vocation andtalents seriously to the extent of finishing their product wellenough to tally with international standards but rather give room forothers to do that, which affects the pricing of their products andservices. Therefore,Web Solutionsthrough AFMAKproject is ready to mop up that entire problem, restore confidenceand put smiles on the faces of Africans and also give them theplatform to trade their goods freely and fairly with fellow Africansand the world.

Finally Africa will have a platform to make a statement in full confidenceof its highly international rated products and services at reasonableprices and quality available to its indigenes and the world at large.It is the greatest desire of the C.E.O to partner everyone interestedin ensuring the success of the project so as to uplift our mothercontinent by means of promoting, showcasing, selling, buying, andeducating and informing the world about what it has to the world.