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WEB SOLUTIONS LTD is pleased to submit a term of agreement for the redevelopment of your website.


We are a company that has the capability of handling communication and web solution services.

Projects in the internet solution delivery sector, our wealth of experience, exists in Web

Programming, Web Design and Animation, Graphic Designing, Web Marketing and many more methods and techniques Our core competence includes working closely with our clients to create custom tailored services and products that meet their requirements and create lasting impact on where they want to reach and what they want to achieve.

A few of our works among others in our portfolio


Develop an Internet site for Client. Create a clean, organized, and professional looking site. Develop a consistent theme with the use of the company logo, colors, heading and footers, and buttons.


Purpose of Website

The exact purpose of the website is to create a medium for the company to be advertised, on a 24 hour basis throughout the world. We will include providing content and information focused around a specific niche.


Your business will be open 24 hours a day
This means your business irrespective of the day or occasion would be functioning. Any time someone wants to know your hours, location, directions, or any other details about your company, they can get it without disturbing you.

Public Relations Manager
The web is the most reliable, affordable, easy to handle and effective Public Relations Manager any business can have. You can relate to the public effectively, simply because you can put the information the public need about your business online.

Greater outreach
your business can reach many people, who under normal circumstances would never hear of your business. This becomes possible as people search for information relating to a particular business.

Create an image of a well-established company
Internet is a great medium through which you can create any image of yourself as you want. It is all in your hands: design a professional web site, add helpful content, and your company will immediately take a step up in the image it represents. No matter how small a business is, with the right tools and a great desire you can make it look like a corporation on the web.

Save on postage and printing costs
Have you thought of the brochures you would have to mail out to let customers know about your business? All of that can be reduced by putting the relevant information on your web site and inviting your customers to visit it. You can collect your customers’ email addresses and keep in touch with them.

Unlimited advertisement
The costs involved in advertising in a local newspaper cannot be over emphasized if you have ever tried it before. You are being charged per line, per inch, and per colour. On the web, there is no limit to how much you can put. All the information you really want to put online would have the needed storage space available. You can add pictures, articles, rates, product images and so many more! All the advertisement you have to do is let people know your business has a web site. That’s it!

Improve communications
Changes take effect as soon as you post them on the web, and everyone can see updated information without having to wait for a new print out or without contacting you directly.

Impeccable customer service
Business owners would not have to spend time explaining very little things to customers. A web site will become your best friend in meeting the needs of your customers. It will answer all their questions (or at least most). Simply create a page of “Frequently Asked Questions”. This way, before they come to you for help, they will come to your web site for answers.

Online Presence
In step with your competitors you must think of the Internet as a gigantic Yellow Pages book. More and more people use the web to look for information, services and products. If you are not there - your competitors are! Can you imagine not being in the local business directory? Unless you spend a lot of money on newspaper ads and other promotions - no one will know your business exists. The same thing with the Internet If people can’t find your company on the web, you might not exist in some business circles.

Showcase your work
Whether you are a real estate agent, construction business owner or a business consultant - you can put your work on display when you have a web site. Anytime a potential client wants to see your past work and projects, simply refer him or her to your site. No need to scan and mail pictures, or bring your client to a finished building project.

Beat your competition to the top
Competition online is gradually picking up in Ghana. However, there are a lot of businesses who are not online and getting a web site is not in their near future plans. Why am I telling you this? Because if they don’t get a web site - you have a better chance of succeeding Businesses across board are dragging their feet in putting their business online. This means if you do it now, before every company is online, you will be among the pioneers! Your web address would be more popular than that of your competitors. Can you imagine having a showroom online where your clients can view things before even stepping a foot in your office? That is the web for you.

Further information

Domain Name
where a client has no domain name, we shall register one on behalf of client. However, in the event where the client has a domain name already, there shall be the need to change the name servers of the domain name to point to our web servers. If we are not hosting the website, then there shall be no need to alter domain name settings.

Web Hosting
An integral part of the proposed website project is proper hosting for you. The hallmark of our web hosting is characterized by the stability in service and our clients being given total control of the web server through the use of a web based control panel.

We offer various packages to our clients, and you shall be given a special package to cater for the entire company’s web needs.

Email branding

All our packages come with Email features and our clients have benefited tremendously from our reliable Email services. Our clients are given enough space to create Email accounts.

Control Panel
The C-Panel has a very user friendly web interface which makes it easy to use. Your outfit would be given total control of this feature, to enable the assigned web administrator to create Email accounts for staff as well as monitor site statistics through Webalizer or an alternative monitoring system on the server.

Design Methodology

It is essential to establish a polished and professional look for the website. Web Solutions Ltd. will create up to 3 look and feel designs. When a design concept is selected that is preferred the most, Web Solutions Ltd. will start developing a consistent look for section headings and footers, logo, and navigation buttons.

Site Content

With an approved consistent look established, the next step is to add content to the site. Site content is added to pages that have a consistent theme and look in terms of headers, footers, and accent graphics such as buttons and bullets

Development of the content will primarily be done by Web Solutions Ltd. as follows:

  • Content will be drawn from content provided by Client, as possible.

  • Additional pages will be researched and written by Web Solutions Ltd.

  • All content will be edited for search engine optimization by Web Solutions Ltd.

  • Content is expected to include unlimited pages.

Also included in these pages will be standardized content such as:

  • Home

  • About us

  • Media

  • Missions

  • Events (past & present events)

  • Projects

  • Contact info

Other Development Services

Web Solutions Ltd. will also provide the following services during the development of the website:

  • Keyword research, analysis and niche strategy development.

  • Develop and upload graphics (up to 2 per page, besides the header) required to support the page layout and navigation scheme.

  • Develop & implement a monetization strategy, including affiliate links, and building a mailing list.

  • Provide ongoing technical/content development support after the website is online.

Developing the Site

Together we will review the site during the building process. Throughout the process, the client is involved.